Month: January 2015


The MGM Buffet

This year, Ben and I decided to book our room at the MGM grand. It was our holiday treat to ourselves and we thought a stint in one of the largest hotels in Las Vegas would come as a breath of fresh air.

What would be a trip in Las Vegas however, if one does not try its world-famous buffets? We’ve heard a good deal about Las Vegas buffet restaurants like the Wicked Spoon, Mirage, Bellagio, and this one at the MGM Grand. We’ve heard a lot of not-so-good reviews about the joint but we had to see it for ourselves.

The family is really a big fan of buffet-style food service and we simply want to give it a try. We went at around 4 in the afternoon and luckily, there was no line but we had to wait for about 5 minutes to be seated. Our hostess was just too happy to help us find a booth and attend to our needs.

MGM grand buffet

So it wasn’t a very big place but there’s a lot of food you could choose from. There’s a wide variety of food selection from sushi to steak, Mexican and what have you. The items in the dessert station looked good and I made a mental note not to miss it after we have our main course.

The food were just being placed right at the stations when we came so I assume they were freshly cooked.

Our choices were the king crab legs and oysters. We also had the onion and steak prime ribs and we were not disappointed. It was worth their price too. Missus had some macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes and she said it suit her taste.

The chocolate covered strawberry was heavenly and the gelato was awesome. Well, the desserts and the salad selection are commendable.

Our hostess filled and refilled our drinks so often and she had that nice smile on her face. The music played went well with the ambiance and we found the service good.

For someone not so picky on food like us, the MGM Buffet is quite okay though a bit pricey. BUt hey! What do you expect in Vegas?

All in all, the experience was good and we’ll definitely come back here on our next visit to the Sin City!

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Penn and Teller

Penn and Teller at the Rio! They are definitely one of my favorite comedians and I would surely line up for their shows.


This duo, to me, are great entertainers. These two American iillusionists are people with wit and intelligent humor that let them come up with a great performance where they both immortalize a unique magic show.

I cannot think of more words to describe Penn and Teller as all praises have been told about them for being awesome and being amazing performers.

What I really love about the two comedian entertainers is that they don’t go apart each other and remain to be together for autograph signing and photo opportunities, which according to other fans and great admirers make the partners stay as cool as ever.


Penn and Teller deserves a five star rating and I can only think of good words for the two performers who are ever ready to put up great shows. I never lose the opportunity of having a photograph with them after a show. I do feel real entertainment on how they execute their dialogs as part of their tricks.

They may not always be perfect in some of their tricks but I get to enjoy the show anyway.

What was admirable was that they are real patient to give in to the audiences’ requests for photographs after the show and I consider that as a great effort on their part to give full satisfaction to their audience which makes me feel so satisfied as well.

I also get my ticket’s worth.

They are so accommodating, willingly letting the crowd take a shot on them or pause with them for pictures.

I have a great admiration for Penn & Teller who are full of new ideas that make their tricks not always the conventional type as they are full of innovations and surprises.

I also admire the show’s content and elements which contain a combination of comedy, magic and education. This is my third time to see the show but I insist I would not stop seeing their shows which gives additional learning and a feeling of entertainment.

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Jeff Dunham: Not Playing With A Full Deck

Jeff Dunham is a real great ventriloquist and a very admirable stand-up comedian who can send his crowd to joy and laughter.

I’m pretty sure this was the reason why he was regarded as America’s favorite comedian. The Jeff Dunham: Not Playing With a Full Deck show is a ‘laugh till you die” experience because Duncan and the various characters he use to perform his comic acts really blend perfectly in the execution of his funny antics.


He truly amazes me with how he does his act with his puppets. His puppeteering skills just leave me in great awe…He’s got real funny stuff that keeps me coming back to see and watch this comedian who is rated as one of the most highly-paid stand-up comic character.

Such a really, really great talent who can cure one’s boredom and lighten one’s heavy heart as well. He and the equally admirable puppets or what you call his ventriloquist dolls are sure to create a roaring sound of laughter from the audience. The cascading impact of his humor really brings down the crowd to loud laughs.

I just enjoy all the characters his puppets represent and I really line up at the ticket outlets to secure a ticket at the earliest time to see to it that I will not be missing Dunham’s act.

What a real satisfaction I derive after watching every performance. The comic acts always seemed to give me a relaxed feeling, it’s sooo cool! I enjoy every bit of Jeff Dunham’s comedic ability and I wouldn’t think twice of seeing him again and again for another display of his fantastic comical ability that arouses a tickling sensation from among his audience despite being of different culture and religion.

You’ll surely love to see “Not Playing with a full Deck” with a great and funny performance from Jeff Dunham.

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Michael Jackson One

I could say that Michael Jackson One is the best show ever in Vegas that is happening right now. Fresh and innovative, it somehow gives a refreshing feeling unlike the Michael Jackson IMMORTAL world tour. The latest Cirque provides a relaxing feeling and a happy mood most specially to MJ followers.

Although there were some unclear purposes in some acts, I must admit the show was excellently presented particularly on the technical side. The technical aspect provides a brilliant execution of the performance and I really stayed in awe at the sight of the performers doing their acts on the stage.


I hear people utter a rave review of the show which according to them is an awesome presentation which amazes the viewing public especially that watching the show made them feel that MJ came back to life. It’s one kind of a performance that people gets to crave for shows in the Sin City.

Along the way, people get the feel of Michael Jackson’s presence as they take a glimpse of the posters and decorations that make each spectator smile.

This was so far the best show I saw and I would highly recommend this Cirque as a must-see show particularly to fans of MJ.

I loved every aspect of the show which is really worth the try despite the high cost of tickets. The music and the performances were just wonderful and great that I would love to watch it again as I feel the presentation brings me back to the memories of a great performer that makes me think as if he were still alive, which millions of his fans and persistent followers stay as unrelenting and not forgetful of their greatest idol who is a music icon of all times catering to the young and the adult.

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The Riviera Comedy Club

The Riviera Comedy Club really puts up great entertainment for everyone as it provides great time. It can make a whole lot of laugh to every member of the family.


There may be a little bit of lapses in some other aspects but, because the comedians give so much fun, it gives greater entertainment value compared to other shows in Vegas where tickets are priced more.

A lot of patrons claim that this comedy club offers fantastic shows with great comedy, great seats and viewers get the worth of their money while enjoying a great show and I saw that myself.


The performers of the show are excellent comedians. The club personnel extend sweet smiles creating a friendly atmosphere.

I am likewise amazed with the various pictures posted on the walls of the performers who have become part of the comedy shows, that include the pictures of Rat Pack, Dean Martin, Liberace, Debbie Reynolds, Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra and a lot more.

The comedy show features great performers as well as great performances and yet the tickets are well priced as they are affordable. With tickets of low cost, you get to watch funny and enjoyable performances.

The comedians put up a very funny show enough to tickle the crowd as they perform their hilarious tricks.

Except for the little space that somehow makes the area appear crowded, the comedy being provided makes up for the minute lapses.

I am really mesmerized as I and my friends savored the great time we were able to experience through the comedians’ funny antics that really sent the audience to a wild laughter.

Adding to the experience is the considerable service offered by the theater staff who provided great assistance and attention to clients and visitors. The comedy club received high reviews and has been highly recommended for some old-school comedy.

I recommend it as well.

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Hot and Juicy Crawfish: A mouthwatering haven for seafood and savory food lovers

I grew up loving seafood and I can say give me anything out of the saltwaters and I would definitely eat it with gusto!

A seafood dining experience always excites me and if I have one place I love to go to have that experience, it would be Hot N Juicy Crawfish along Spring Mountain Road.


Hot and Juicy Crawfish Photo Credit: Las Vegas Top Picks

Upon entering the place, you’ll be greeted by the savory aroma of the food they serve. Bet it was one of the reasons why the restaurant was featured in the show Man vs. Food.

Aside from the love of seafood, I also want that hot and spicy taste for my gastronomic cravings and HnJC serves it in complete package.

The seafood is served in a bag, boiled and seasoned, and you can choose from five sauces, hot and spicy to go with your dish. The crab legs, the shrimp and the crawfish are a blast!

Hot and Juicy Crawfish seafoods in a bag. Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

Hot and Juicy Crawfish seafoods in a bag.
Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

The shrimp in garlic butter flavor is delicious. You can always ask for an extra helping of lime and lemons with salt and pepper for added flavor on your dish.

HnJC is basically a joint where it is normal to get dirty and messy while eating. It would be more gastronomically delightful to get your hands on the seafood and enjoy eating them without any pretense. But if you’re not in for the messy stuff, the staff will provide you with bibs and plastic gloves and there’s always a roll of tissue paper on every table.

Apart from the sumptuous seafood served, their Cajun fries is also great, with its crispness and tastiness.

The ambiance is very casual and it is a perfect place to hang out and spend good times with friends.

All in all, food and service was great and I wouldn’t think twice on coming back each time my mouth waters for the hot and spicy seafood they serve.

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Buzios Seafood Restaurant

For starters, I am giving a 5 star for the experience!

We were greeted by a nice staff with contagious smiles and what would be better than to be welcomed that way? My eyes went busy looking at the nice interior and I think it is a good place to relax.


So we sat at the chef’s bar and the server stationed there was very attentive and friendly. I can see that they’re trying to make their patrons feel at home and they live up to that mission.

There were three of us, my husband, son and I. While choosing our orders, we were served some bread, iced tea and water. Our host checked on us very often too and asked if there’s anything we need. A bit annoying? No, we appreciated it.

So we had the miso chilean base, jumbo crab lump meat, the halibut and the black cod. The crab lump meat was the champ with the cocktail and extra horseradish sauce that made it oh so tasty! However, my son said the bass was a bit off-taste, nevertheless, he finished it.

The manhattan clam chowder was very good. The other food we ordered tasted great as well. We had for dessert the 7-layer chocolate cake which satisfied my sweet tooth. And we also ordered a cobbler and it was served warm. Just perfect.

They served seafoods but everything tasted fresh and didn’t have that fishy smell. They sure know how to handle their main ingredient to their menu and make them suitable for their patrons.

We didn’t sample much of what they had in their list but the ones we gobbled up was satisfying for us and made us feel really full.

I have read some bad reviews about Buzios but fortunately, our dining experience was awesome. The ambiance was great, the staff were great as well. And we wouldn’t hesitate to come back at Buzios for another seafood tripping.

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The Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan

I’m a buffet lover and I recently tried the Wicked Spoon at the CosmopoIitan. It’s on the 2nd floor of the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. The interior decoration of the restaurant is chic and upscale, like the Cosmo.


Since they have different chefs cooking for the restaurant, their menu changes constantly. Their food offerings are a variety of American cuisine and they also offer creative ethnic dishes and cuisines like Mexican, Asian and other mouthwatering dishes.

The mac and chees bar was perfect! A cook is present at the bar and you can make a request for your pasta orders. You just have to choose your kind of pasta and the toppings and cheese you would want to go with it, and presto! Your pasta will be ready the way you wanted it!


Their creativity in mixing some fruits with other ingredients is commendable. There’s the watermelon with lime, and Sriracha sauce with goat cheese panna cotta, and it deserves a thumbs up.

Their seafood bar was awesome and it has instantly become may favorite. It was a made-to-order bar and like the mac and cheese bar, there was a server to help you with your order the way you would have preferred what’s on your plate.

They have a wide range of meat selection and it was just great. The dessert bar offers a variety of gelato and their chocolate covered strawberry is a winner in its own right. You will have plenty of selections to choose from.


I found their staff as nice, polite and friendly and didn’t mind me asking a lot. My host never took off that nice smile all along and was very attentive to our needs. However, the cashier seemed to me like she was sulky. Maybe because of the long queue she had to deal with.

Brunch, lunch and dinner are offered at the Wicked Spoon and their prices are affordable compared to the other buffet joints at the Strip. Prices varied for each meal but you definitely get your money’s worth.

I would say that all in all, my dining experience was great and I would definitely spend another time to dine at Wicked Spoon. Most of the dishes were new to my eyes and I haven’t seen them at any other buffets I have dined into before. Their Asian section featured those cute little Chinese takeout boxes as container of the chao fan or the Chines fried rice.

The interior decoration is good and makes you feel like home. The restroom is very impressive and immaculately clean and fragrant and it would be one of the many reasons I would go back at Wicked Spoon.

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Rainforest Cafe

Going to Rainforest Café which is located inside the MGM Grand provides a taste of some adventure and I would say the atmosphere is quite awesome as it caters to every member of the family from children to adults.

When you’re inside then you are in for an experience that gives a touch of uniqueness as I find it a different experience described as far from the usual.


The whole family gets real entertainment with the various features of the place which offers a whole lot of experience from the venue to the ambiance. My experience may not be the same as others’ but I would suggest it is a great haven for families who would like to seek a perfect place to go despite some grievances on the food preparation which I find not so special but on the part of the personnel who provide service to the customers, they have at least attributed to invigorating the lost enthusiasm for they have displayed much attention and good service to their clients. They made sure that the clients will have an enjoyable stay in the venue.

The simulated rainstorms with thunder and lightning have provided fun especially with the younger generation and may be for the whole family, the gift shop would have been a perfect shop containing a wide array of selection.

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Avenue Cafe: Your Breakfast Go-To at The MGM Grand

I recently had the chance to be in Las Vegas with a friend, at the MGM Grand Hotel to be exact. As we were looking for a nice and cozy place to dine, the Avenue Cafe and Restaurant caught my attention and so I decided to go in and find out if my gut feel was right.


We were greeted by a waitress and she was just awesome. Since it was a bit early, we opted to choose from their breakfast menu and ordered grilled chicken egg scrambler which was a grilled chicken breast with sauteed vegetables on the side and a bread. The vege was composed of mushrooms, bell peppers, squash, red skinned potatoes, and onions and it was perfectly seasoned and crunchy. The chicken breast was a bit dry but the sauteed vegetable and the egg which was cooked on point made up for that little flaw.


My friend went for a biscuit and gravy order and he said it was just delicious. The sausages were good and the gravy was savory. We ordered carrot drink and it is highly recommended that you try it when you visit the joint.

We also had something to satisfy our sweet tooth and we ordered the white chocolate french toast. The toast was crunchy and the syrup was a bit sweet but the berries complimented its sugary flavor and gave balance to the taste of the course.

We find the service good and the ambiance just right if you go for a relaxing and casual atmosphere. The staff were very friendly and were all smiling brightly.

The restaurant opens at 6 o’ clock in the morning and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. They say it’s the breakfast go-to at the MGM.

Downside? Food is good but a bit pricey. But what do you expect when you’re inside the MGM Grand? They don’t have their own toilet and you need to go out and find one in the hotel. Wi-fi is not free. Decor seemed outdated.

But despite these little inconveniences, the dining experience was good and we had to give that to the good service and the courteous staff. We look forward to coming back.

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