Author: Admin-Ben


Dear Facebook User

Dear Facebook User,

Before I start, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Facebook Bot and I am the culprit who detects which users and pages to disable.

First of all, know that I am run by a computer, same with much of what’s running under the domain. The humans that created me only meddle with what I do when someone complains or sends an appeal when I decide to disable a user or page.

You know, I am good at detecting if you are using a fake account or not. I can detect abnormal browsing habits. For example, all your browsers save your browsing histories in a file in your computer which are called ‘cookies’. What I do is simply keep track of who logs in using those cookies and watch their browsing activities. The easiest way to find fake accounts to flag are the ones that use one account with a lot of friends, and interact with those friends on a daily basis. This I will assume is their real account. Then this same user will have one or several accounts that is used just to post links into my domain. These I see are fake or secondary accounts, which I do not allow.

I also flag users who constantly post the same link over and over again. I often delete these posts right away when I see it. For some reason, some users just insist on posting the link again, and again, while I keep deleting them. This upsets my system and I have no choice but to disable the user.

On all Pages, I usually look at the title of the Page and track what is being posted. I do not like pages that have a title that says one thing and then I see completely different topics that are posted. This confuses my other users and I usually disable these pages when the unrelated posts are just overwhelming. Furthermore, my humans tell me that this is not allowed.

Then I look at who the users are who take care of these pages. It is an automatic red flag when I see many of the moderators and admins are using fake accounts to admin these pages. Remember, as I have said earlier, I can tell between fake and real accounts.

I have been programmed to give verified pages some leeway as they have already proven that they are managed by real people or a company. However, programming dictates that I give special scrutiny to pages that seem to have just been created or changed its name recently and are used simply to post links. My pages are supposed to be created to interact with the community. If these pages are used just to post links, then I am not happy with that.

Thank you for contacting me,


Facebook Bot