Author: Erika Totanes


Penn and Teller

Penn and Teller at the Rio! They are definitely one of my favorite comedians and I would surely line up for their shows.


This duo, to me, are great entertainers. These two American iillusionists are people with wit and intelligent humor that let them come up with a great performance where they both immortalize a unique magic show.

I cannot think of more words to describe Penn and Teller as all praises have been told about them for being awesome and being amazing performers.

What I really love about the two comedian entertainers is that they don’t go apart each other and remain to be together for autograph signing and photo opportunities, which according to other fans and great admirers make the partners stay as cool as ever.


Penn and Teller deserves a five star rating and I can only think of good words for the two performers who are ever ready to put up great shows. I never lose the opportunity of having a photograph with them after a show. I do feel real entertainment on how they execute their dialogs as part of their tricks.

They may not always be perfect in some of their tricks but I get to enjoy the show anyway.

What was admirable was that they are real patient to give in to the audiences’ requests for photographs after the show and I consider that as a great effort on their part to give full satisfaction to their audience which makes me feel so satisfied as well.

I also get my ticket’s worth.

They are so accommodating, willingly letting the crowd take a shot on them or pause with them for pictures.

I have a great admiration for Penn & Teller who are full of new ideas that make their tricks not always the conventional type as they are full of innovations and surprises.

I also admire the show’s content and elements which contain a combination of comedy, magic and education. This is my third time to see the show but I insist I would not stop seeing their shows which gives additional learning and a feeling of entertainment.

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The Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan

I’m a buffet lover and I recently tried the Wicked Spoon at the CosmopoIitan. It’s on the 2nd floor of the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. The interior decoration of the restaurant is chic and upscale, like the Cosmo.


Since they have different chefs cooking for the restaurant, their menu changes constantly. Their food offerings are a variety of American cuisine and they also offer creative ethnic dishes and cuisines like Mexican, Asian and other mouthwatering dishes.

The mac and chees bar was perfect! A cook is present at the bar and you can make a request for your pasta orders. You just have to choose your kind of pasta and the toppings and cheese you would want to go with it, and presto! Your pasta will be ready the way you wanted it!


Their creativity in mixing some fruits with other ingredients is commendable. There’s the watermelon with lime, and Sriracha sauce with goat cheese panna cotta, and it deserves a thumbs up.

Their seafood bar was awesome and it has instantly become may favorite. It was a made-to-order bar and like the mac and cheese bar, there was a server to help you with your order the way you would have preferred what’s on your plate.

They have a wide range of meat selection and it was just great. The dessert bar offers a variety of gelato and their chocolate covered strawberry is a winner in its own right. You will have plenty of selections to choose from.


I found their staff as nice, polite and friendly and didn’t mind me asking a lot. My host never took off that nice smile all along and was very attentive to our needs. However, the cashier seemed to me like she was sulky. Maybe because of the long queue she had to deal with.

Brunch, lunch and dinner are offered at the Wicked Spoon and their prices are affordable compared to the other buffet joints at the Strip. Prices varied for each meal but you definitely get your money’s worth.

I would say that all in all, my dining experience was great and I would definitely spend another time to dine at Wicked Spoon. Most of the dishes were new to my eyes and I haven’t seen them at any other buffets I have dined into before. Their Asian section featured those cute little Chinese takeout boxes as container of the chao fan or the Chines fried rice.

The interior decoration is good and makes you feel like home. The restroom is very impressive and immaculately clean and fragrant and it would be one of the many reasons I would go back at Wicked Spoon.

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BURGR by Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay Burgr offers great food that could almost blow your mind as it brings a very enjoyable sensation as the food touches your taste buds. Awesome and amazing with all the great food, great steak plus the great service the staff give to the customers.


The experience will make you keep coming back. The dining experience is so fantastic and the mouth-watering food and every flavorful stuff the place has to offer is very nice. You could count on the experience as one that is so unforgettable.

If ever I would have the chance to go, I will use every opportunity to spend some time and enjoy a meal at this nice and wonderful avenue and I would do this again and again to satisfy my cravings for superb food flavored deliciously.

An added attraction that completes customer satisfaction is that the people that run the operations of the establishment makes you feel special as they offer a very attentive service to the clients. The sweet and caring gestures that customer gets is a sure come-on to clients to enjoy their meal giving every customer an amazing meal experience.

Missing this experience would likely make you regret that you did let this pass without indulging in a sumptuous meal. Great, tasty burgers are served hot and fresh but may mean additional costs as the products can be pricey and may not be easy on the pocket.


Indeed, the place could be expensive. But giving Ramsay’s a nice try, I suppose you would be able to get a feel-good satisfaction as you get your money’s worth all the time.

The friendly atmosphere sends a relaxing feeling and the food gives complete satisfaction to the palate getting and feeling more self-rewards by enjoying every minute of your stay at Ramsays’s with all their lovely and fabulous food selections.

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