Author: Sean Totanes


Jeff Dunham: Not Playing With A Full Deck

Jeff Dunham is a real great ventriloquist and a very admirable stand-up comedian who can send his crowd to joy and laughter.

I’m pretty sure this was the reason why he was regarded as America’s favorite comedian. The Jeff Dunham: Not Playing With a Full Deck show is a ‘laugh till you die” experience because Duncan and the various characters he use to perform his comic acts really blend perfectly in the execution of his funny antics.


He truly amazes me with how he does his act with his puppets. His puppeteering skills just leave me in great awe…He’s got real funny stuff that keeps me coming back to see and watch this comedian who is rated as one of the most highly-paid stand-up comic character.

Such a really, really great talent who can cure one’s boredom and lighten one’s heavy heart as well. He and the equally admirable puppets or what you call his ventriloquist dolls are sure to create a roaring sound of laughter from the audience. The cascading impact of his humor really brings down the crowd to loud laughs.

I just enjoy all the characters his puppets represent and I really line up at the ticket outlets to secure a ticket at the earliest time to see to it that I will not be missing Dunham’s act.

What a real satisfaction I derive after watching every performance. The comic acts always seemed to give me a relaxed feeling, it’s sooo cool! I enjoy every bit of Jeff Dunham’s comedic ability and I wouldn’t think twice of seeing him again and again for another display of his fantastic comical ability that arouses a tickling sensation from among his audience despite being of different culture and religion.

You’ll surely love to see “Not Playing with a full Deck” with a great and funny performance from Jeff Dunham.

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Avenue Cafe: Your Breakfast Go-To at The MGM Grand

I recently had the chance to be in Las Vegas with a friend, at the MGM Grand Hotel to be exact. As we were looking for a nice and cozy place to dine, the Avenue Cafe and Restaurant caught my attention and so I decided to go in and find out if my gut feel was right.


We were greeted by a waitress and she was just awesome. Since it was a bit early, we opted to choose from their breakfast menu and ordered grilled chicken egg scrambler which was a grilled chicken breast with sauteed vegetables on the side and a bread. The vege was composed of mushrooms, bell peppers, squash, red skinned potatoes, and onions and it was perfectly seasoned and crunchy. The chicken breast was a bit dry but the sauteed vegetable and the egg which was cooked on point made up for that little flaw.


My friend went for a biscuit and gravy order and he said it was just delicious. The sausages were good and the gravy was savory. We ordered carrot drink and it is highly recommended that you try it when you visit the joint.

We also had something to satisfy our sweet tooth and we ordered the white chocolate french toast. The toast was crunchy and the syrup was a bit sweet but the berries complimented its sugary flavor and gave balance to the taste of the course.

We find the service good and the ambiance just right if you go for a relaxing and casual atmosphere. The staff were very friendly and were all smiling brightly.

The restaurant opens at 6 o’ clock in the morning and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. They say it’s the breakfast go-to at the MGM.

Downside? Food is good but a bit pricey. But what do you expect when you’re inside the MGM Grand? They don’t have their own toilet and you need to go out and find one in the hotel. Wi-fi is not free. Decor seemed outdated.

But despite these little inconveniences, the dining experience was good and we had to give that to the good service and the courteous staff. We look forward to coming back.

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R Steak and Seafood Restaurant

The R STEAK & SEAFOOD goes at par with other first-class restaurants and I wouldn’t mind that effort of traveling just to get to this place to eat the savory steaks and seafood in their menu list. The place amazes me in every way from the food, the convenience and relaxation that goes in harmony with each other. The combination blends well it could have been a perfect place for dining and relaxing.


Attentive staff would attend to you graciously and shortly and customer satisfaction is one of their major concerns. This is a great place really with quite good food preparations. It could be a pleasant dining experience with all the steak recipes that really melts into the mouth and menus of crabs and shrimps. And come to think of the ambiance which can make you feel a soothing relaxation.

The food stuff and drinks were not pricey and are easily available and affordable. I felt like I only spent a little for everything that we partook of. So this would be a great suggestion if anyone would like to be treated for steaks and seafood, the Riviera Steak and Seafood would fairly pass an insistent recommendation. Nice place, great food, relaxing ambiance, and reasonable prices! What more can a client could ask for more. That would really be cool huh!

The New York steak is among the best steak recipes which characterizes juiciness and tenderness. Prompt service is obviously felt, and the food preparations are remarkable. I share the same idea for those who speak well of the Riviera Steak and I would agree with that thought that the food are 100 % worth every dollar as the moment you enter the restaurant premises, the first step brings in the readiness and alertness of the personnel in rendering good customer service.

The Riviera may be on of the older hotels on the strip, and yes, a bit out of the way from all the fun of the strip, but we were pleasantly surprised when we took a recommendation to try out the R Steak and Seafood Restaurant. They exceeded all of our expectations.

Absolutely great customer service since the moment you walk up to the waiter and meeting the chef. My husband ordered their rib eye and I ordered the filet mignon. They prepared it not just to our liking, but the presentations was absolutely a piece of art!

One of the best steak house meals I have ever had and we have gone out quite a lot all over the country. It is an ala cart menu, so do be prepared to spend a little bit more than the average restaurant but the experience and the food are 100% worth every dollar!

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