Avenue Cafe: Your Breakfast Go-To at The MGM Grand

I recently had the chance to be in Las Vegas with a friend, at the MGM Grand Hotel to be exact. As we were looking for a nice and cozy place to dine, the Avenue Cafe and Restaurant caught my attention and so I decided to go in and find out if my gut feel was right.


We were greeted by a waitress and she was just awesome. Since it was a bit early, we opted to choose from their breakfast menu and ordered grilled chicken egg scrambler which was a grilled chicken breast with sauteed vegetables on the side and a bread. The vege was composed of mushrooms, bell peppers, squash, red skinned potatoes, and onions and it was perfectly seasoned and crunchy. The chicken breast was a bit dry but the sauteed vegetable and the egg which was cooked on point made up for that little flaw.


My friend went for a biscuit and gravy order and he said it was just delicious. The sausages were good and the gravy was savory. We ordered carrot drink and it is highly recommended that you try it when you visit the joint.

We also had something to satisfy our sweet tooth and we ordered the white chocolate french toast. The toast was crunchy and the syrup was a bit sweet but the berries complimented its sugary flavor and gave balance to the taste of the course.

We find the service good and the ambiance just right if you go for a relaxing and casual atmosphere. The staff were very friendly and were all smiling brightly.

The restaurant opens at 6 o’ clock in the morning and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. They say it’s the breakfast go-to at the MGM.

Downside? Food is good but a bit pricey. But what do you expect when you’re inside the MGM Grand? They don’t have their own toilet and you need to go out and find one in the hotel. Wi-fi is not free. Decor seemed outdated.

But despite these little inconveniences, the dining experience was good and we had to give that to the good service and the courteous staff. We look forward to coming back.

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