Buzios Seafood Restaurant

For starters, I am giving a 5 star for the experience!

We were greeted by a nice staff with contagious smiles and what would be better than to be welcomed that way? My eyes went busy looking at the nice interior and I think it is a good place to relax.


So we sat at the chef’s bar and the server stationed there was very attentive and friendly. I can see that they’re trying to make their patrons feel at home and they live up to that mission.

There were three of us, my husband, son and I. While choosing our orders, we were served some bread, iced tea and water. Our host checked on us very often too and asked if there’s anything we need. A bit annoying? No, we appreciated it.

So we had the miso chilean base, jumbo crab lump meat, the halibut and the black cod. The crab lump meat was the champ with the cocktail and extra horseradish sauce that made it oh so tasty! However, my son said the bass was a bit off-taste, nevertheless, he finished it.

The manhattan clam chowder was very good. The other food we ordered tasted great as well. We had for dessert the 7-layer chocolate cake which satisfied my sweet tooth. And we also ordered a cobbler and it was served warm. Just perfect.

They served seafoods but everything tasted fresh and didn’t have that fishy smell. They sure know how to handle their main¬†ingredient to their menu and make them suitable for their patrons.

We didn’t sample much of what they had in their list but the ones we gobbled up was satisfying for us and made us feel really full.

I have read some bad reviews about Buzios but fortunately, our dining experience was awesome. The ambiance was great, the staff were great as well. And we wouldn’t hesitate to come back at Buzios for another seafood tripping.

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