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D’ Pinoy Joint: Authentic Filipino cuisine at its best

It is just fitting that we find a Filipino restaurant on the second day of our trip, so we searched Yelp for a restaurant close by.  We initially went to Cafe de Cebu on Flamingo Road.  The place was however very small, and when a group of 12 were seated a few minutes ahead of us, we were simply turned away.  Bummer.  So we went back to Yelp and found D’ Pinoy joint literally just a few yards away, so off we went.

If you are a Fil-Am living in Las Vegas, it is most likely that you’re facing a serious problem looking for a place to satisfy your palate craving for that authentic taste of Filipino cuisine. Sometimes, you just want to have that feel-at-home experience and have a taste of the food you would love to come home to after a long, hard day at work.

It is quite regrettable that some Filipino joints in Vegas fail to represent the Filipino cuisine in its pleasurable glory. Some restaurants serve bland food in buffet-style and lacks that appetizing look that will make your mouth water.

d pinoy joint

Fortunately, there’s D’ Pinoy Joint on Flamingo Road that makes you heave a sigh of relief and lets you thank “The One” above for sending this food joint to us. The D’ Pinoy Joint has taken over the old building that used to house the Thai BBQ. There are plenty of Asian restaurants that can be found in Las Vegas and we are just so glad that D’ Pinoy Joint is now one of them.

I remember waking up smelling the aroma of tosilog (tocino, sinangag and fried egg)  being home cooked by my mother, and the D’ Pinoy Joint’s version of it is quite very similar to the one I had at home. It is indeed one of the breakfast favorites I would love to eat.

Every popular Filipino food can be found on the menu and they are priced just right for your budget, yet having that taste of authentic Filipino dishes at its best!

The Pork Tonkatsu is such a big serving so make sure you’d have someone to share it with. It is actually one of the most popular dishes they serve and it comes with a very tasty banana ketchup dip.

Everything is cooked to perfection  and freshness that makes me recommend everything that you can find on their menu.

D’ Pinoy Joint is the go-to restaurant for lovers of the authentic Filipino cuisine and you’d surely be not disappointed.

On top of the good food is the hospitality and friendliness of their staff and crew which is a very important factor in the restaurant business.

From their entrees, main dishes and dessert, you’d never go wrong whatever you may choose to satisfy your craving. So if you’re looking for the joint that serves Filipino food at its best, visit D’ Pinoy Joint and see for yourself.

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