Help our Kababayans Help Themselves through

This is OUR CHANCE to GIVE OUR COUNTRYMEN A CHANCE!!! Your $25 will go a long, long way to create livelihood opportunities for our kababayans. Let us help our kabayans help themselves. Let us empower them to help lift themselves out of poverty. And …. YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK because they will pay you back! To find Filipino entrepreneurs, go to click on the LEND button and just type in “Philippines” in the search field. There are always a few new entrepreneurs on a daily basis. But if you don’t see one on that day. Try again the following day. Lend – NOW! Let’s provide the nets so they can fish!!

Remember: You are LENDING money, you are not giving a hand out.

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  • anna

    HI, what happened to your latest blog? “They are human beings too, for crying out loud!”

  • Anna, I removed it because it was generating more hatred between Filipinos and Chinese. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if that article escalates the tension we are already experiencing. Thanks!

  • ruben alcantara

    Maka-Pilipino ang inyong adhikain. Maaaring makatulong ang [email protected] sa pamamagitan ni Arturo Esguerra,Jr.