Hot and Juicy Crawfish: A mouthwatering haven for seafood and savory food lovers

I grew up loving seafood and I can say give me anything out of the saltwaters and I would definitely eat it with gusto!

A seafood dining experience always excites me and if I have one place I love to go to have that experience, it would be Hot N Juicy Crawfish along Spring Mountain Road.


Hot and Juicy Crawfish Photo Credit: Las Vegas Top Picks

Upon entering the place, you’ll be greeted by the savory aroma of the food they serve. Bet it was one of the reasons why the restaurant was featured in the show Man vs. Food.

Aside from the love of seafood, I also want that hot and spicy taste for my gastronomic cravings and HnJC serves it in complete package.

The seafood is served in a bag, boiled and seasoned, and you can choose from five sauces, hot and spicy to go with your dish. The crab legs, the shrimp and the crawfish are a blast!

Hot and Juicy Crawfish seafoods in a bag. Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

Hot and Juicy Crawfish seafoods in a bag.
Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

The shrimp in garlic butter flavor is delicious. You can always ask for an extra helping of lime and lemons with salt and pepper for added flavor on your dish.

HnJC is basically a joint where it is normal to get dirty and messy while eating. It would be more gastronomically delightful to get your hands on the seafood and enjoy eating them without any pretense. But if you’re not in for the messy stuff, the staff will provide you with bibs and plastic gloves and there’s always a roll of tissue paper on every table.

Apart from the sumptuous seafood served, their Cajun fries is also great, with its crispness and tastiness.

The ambiance is very casual and it is a perfect place to hang out and spend good times with friends.

All in all, food and service was great and I wouldn’t think twice on coming back each time my mouth waters for the hot and spicy seafood they serve.

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