Is your last name Totanes?

I have been on the internet since 1994.  I have seen it grow from a handful of useful websites to thousands in just a few years.  One of my early email contacts with someone in the Philippines was with Professor Henry Totanes from Ateneo.  His reply was a simple hello letter explaining to me that he was writing from Ateneo rather than Adamson University where I first thought.  Later, I found out he actually
was a distant cousin of my dad.  Small world — and getting smaller each day the internet expands.

Since that day, I have seen more and more people in the internet bearing the same last name as mine.  Last year, I decided to start an email list for all people having the Totanes family name.  Sometime this year, I will also share the domain with you by providing free email accounts.  If you are interested, please drop me a short message, with your email address and name.  When I collect a list of more than ten people, I will immediately start the project.  Please email me at [email protected] — Thanks!

TOTANES Genealogy Forum
Visit the Totanes Genealogy
Forum at  If you’re
looking for distant relatives or simply just curious as to who else share our
family name, this is the forum to visit.

Totanes, Origins

Have you ever wondered where it all began?  After several years of researching, and receiving emails from different people, it has become apparent that the Totanes family name was
brought to the Philippines by a Spanish Franciscan priest named Fr. Sebastian de Totanes
during the 1700’s.  He came from a small municipality in the spanish
province of Toledo, called — you guessed it — Totanes.  The town still
exists today and is one of the oldest municipalities in Toledo.  The feast
of San Anton is celebrated every January, where the whole town is lit up and the aroma of garlic sausages fill the air.  The feast of the Virgin Mary is on the 3rd Sunday of September followed by the feast of the Immaculate Concepcion every 8th of December.  Totanes produces high quality cheese and extra virgin olive oil.

The main plaza at Totanes, Toledo is the picture above, right.  Also above left is the municipal seal.

For more information about Totanes, Toledo Spain, visit the following links:

Special thanks to Esmeralda Guio who hails from the town of Totanes for the above links.



  • Marichu Medina de Totanés (Toledo) España.

    Hola Ben Totanés. Efectivamente Fray Sebastian de Totanés fue el fraile franciscano nacido en mi pueblo Totanés el año 1688. Él fue el que puso el apellido Totanés a todos vuestros ancestros.
    Yo soy historiadora de Totanés. Un saludo Marichu