Michael Jackson One

I could say that Michael Jackson One is the best show ever in Vegas that is happening right now. Fresh and innovative, it somehow gives a refreshing feeling unlike the Michael Jackson IMMORTAL world tour. The latest Cirque provides a relaxing feeling and a happy mood most specially to MJ followers.

Although there were some unclear purposes in some acts, I must admit the show was excellently presented particularly on the technical side. The technical aspect provides a brilliant execution of the performance and I really stayed in awe at the sight of the performers doing their acts on the stage.


I hear people utter a rave review of the show which according to them is an awesome presentation which amazes the viewing public especially that watching the show made them feel that MJ came back to life. It’s one kind of a performance that people gets to crave for shows in the Sin City.

Along the way, people get the feel of Michael Jackson’s presence as they take a glimpse of the posters and decorations that make each spectator smile.

This was so far the best show I saw and I would highly recommend this Cirque as a must-see show particularly to fans of MJ.

I loved every aspect of the show which is really worth the try despite the high cost of tickets. The music and the performances were just wonderful and great that I would love to watch it again as I feel the presentation brings me back to the memories of a great performer that makes me think as if he were still alive, which millions of his fans and persistent followers stay as unrelenting and not forgetful of their greatest idol who is a music icon of all times catering to the young and the adult.

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