Penn and Teller

Penn and Teller at the Rio! They are definitely one of my favorite comedians and I would surely line up for their shows.


This duo, to me, are great entertainers. These two American iillusionists are people with wit and intelligent humor that let them come up with a great performance where they both immortalize a unique magic show.

I cannot think of more words to describe Penn and Teller as all praises have been told about them for being awesome and being amazing performers.

What I really love about the two comedian entertainers is that they don’t go apart each other and remain to be together for autograph signing and photo opportunities, which according to other fans and great admirers make the partners stay as cool as ever.


Penn and Teller deserves a five star rating and I can only think of good words for the two performers who are ever ready to put up great shows. I never lose the opportunity of having a photograph with them after a show. I do feel real entertainment on how they execute their dialogs as part of their tricks.

They may not always be perfect in some of their tricks but I get to enjoy the show anyway.

What was admirable was that they are real patient to give in to the audiences’ requests for photographs after the show and I consider that as a great effort on their part to give full satisfaction to their audience which makes me feel so satisfied as well.

I also get my ticket’s worth.

They are so accommodating, willingly letting the crowd take a shot on them or pause with them for pictures.

I have a great admiration for Penn & Teller who are full of new ideas that make their tricks not always the conventional type as they are full of innovations and surprises.

I also admire the show’s content and elements which contain a combination of comedy, magic and education. This is my third time to see the show but I insist I would not stop seeing their shows which gives additional learning and a feeling of entertainment.

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