Pub 1842 by Michael Mina: Great Food, Great Beer

During our stay in Vegas, we made sure to satisfy my gastronomic cravings to the hilt so we went on a food trip each time we are done with our activities in the Sin City.

Among the places we visited was the Pub 1842 by Michael MIna, located at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

It’s an American pub that offers a wide variety of whiskey, beer and provisions. They also have a wide selection of meals and burgers that would surely satisfy your cravings.

Being a food lover, I found the pub’s offerings quite commendable and deserves a thumbs up from someone who regards food as their comfort in this very busy place.

The ambiance was casual but great! For starters, I had the macaroni and cheese and it was just perfect. I loved its creaminess and consistency that I would have made for my own mac and cheese.  It looked very simple but surprisingly satisfying! And mind you, it was such a big side serving that might make you feel full if you gobble it up all at once.

The champ burger lived up to its name! The very tasty patty in the middle of a soft and fresh buns, with smoked gouda, bacon and American cheese with their very delicious sauce was what made it the real champ. The BBQ fries. had a taste of Lay’s BBQ chips it made me crave for more!

We also tried the peanut butter crunch burger and it was oh so good!

The variety of beer selections and other beverages makes it hard for you to think what you’re going to have. But whatever it is that you may choose, you won’t be disappointed.

The draft taps which were built in on top of the high tables makes a convenient feature.


I could say we enjoyed the experience. I did! Great food, great drinks. But I would say not much for the service as I find it quite slow.

But all in all, it was still an awesome experience and and now it has me thinking of having another champ burger on my next visit.

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