Rainforest Cafe

Going to Rainforest Café which is located inside the MGM Grand provides a taste of some adventure and I would say the atmosphere is quite awesome as it caters to every member of the family from children to adults.

When you’re inside then you are in for an experience that gives a touch of uniqueness as I find it a different experience described as far from the usual.


The whole family gets real entertainment with the various features of the place which offers a whole lot of experience from the venue to the ambiance. My experience may not be the same as others’ but I would suggest it is a great haven for families who would like to seek a perfect place to go despite some grievances on the food preparation which I find not so special but on the part of the personnel who provide service to the customers, they have at least attributed to invigorating the lost enthusiasm for they have displayed much attention and good service to their clients. They made sure that the clients will have an enjoyable stay in the venue.

The simulated rainstorms with thunder and lightning have provided fun especially with the younger generation and may be for the whole family, the gift shop would have been a perfect shop containing a wide array of selection.

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