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How to Decipher Costco’s Price Codes

If you are a Costco customer,  you know the good deals are at these popular members-only warehouses scattered around the country.  Here’s a tip that will make your Costco shopping experience even better.

Mark Wallengren and Kristin Cruz of the morning talk show “Mark & Kristin in the Morning” at Los Angeles’ KOST 103.5 FM radio station, recently deciphered secret codes on Costco price tags.

It turns out that the last two digits of the price tags everyone sees at Costco warehouses have internal meanings that Costco members should take advantage of.

On their article, Mark and Kristin says:

“Apparently there is a secret price tag code. We’ve deciphered it, and the key is to look at the price tag and note the last two digits.”

They went on to reveal these codes:

  • “.97 — This is a manager’s special. You may never find this deal again.
  • .49 or .79 — This is a manufacturer’s special. The manufacturer may be testing out the product at Costco. If the product tests well, Costco might sell it later at a higher price.
  • .00 — This is the best deal in the store. The manager probably wants to get rid of this product. Think of it as clearance and once the product is gone, it’s gone for good.
  • .97* — This is the last time you will see this product at this price. Your last chance for a good deal.  * This product has been discontinued.”

So for example, if you see the price of the 65-in TV you’ve been eyeing for sometime at “$899.97*”, then you know that will be the lowest, last, and final price you will ever see that item, and will be gone after that.