The MGM Buffet

This year, Ben and I decided to book our room at the MGM grand. It was our holiday treat to ourselves and we thought a stint in one of the largest hotels in Las Vegas would come as a breath of fresh air.

What would be a trip in Las Vegas however, if one does not try its world-famous buffets? We’ve heard a good deal about Las Vegas buffet restaurants like the Wicked Spoon, Mirage, Bellagio, and this one at the MGM Grand. We’ve heard a lot of not-so-good reviews about the joint but we had to see it for ourselves.

The family is really a big fan of buffet-style food service and we simply want to give it a try. We went at around 4 in the afternoon and luckily, there was no line but we had to wait for about 5 minutes to be seated. Our hostess was just too happy to help us find a booth and attend to our needs.

MGM grand buffet

So it wasn’t a very big place but there’s a lot of food you could choose from. There’s a wide variety of food selection from sushi to steak, Mexican and what have you. The items in the dessert station looked good and I made a mental note not to miss it after we have our main course.

The food were just being placed right at the stations when we came so I assume they were freshly cooked.

Our choices were the king crab legs and oysters. We also had the onion and steak prime ribs and we were not disappointed. It was worth their price too. Missus had some macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes and she said it suit her taste.

The chocolate covered strawberry was heavenly and the gelato was awesome. Well, the desserts and the salad selection are commendable.

Our hostess filled and refilled our drinks so often and she had that nice smile on her face. The music played went well with the ambiance and we found the service good.

For someone not so picky on food like us, the MGM Buffet is quite okay though a bit pricey. BUt hey! What do you expect in Vegas?

All in all, the experience was good and we’ll definitely come back here on our next visit to the Sin City!

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