The Riviera Comedy Club

The Riviera Comedy Club really puts up great entertainment for everyone as it provides great time. It can make a whole lot of laugh to every member of the family.


There may be a little bit of lapses in some other aspects but, because the comedians give so much fun, it gives greater entertainment value compared to other shows in Vegas where tickets are priced more.

A lot of patrons claim that this comedy club offers fantastic shows with great comedy, great seats and viewers get the worth of their money while enjoying a great show and I saw that myself.


The performers of the show are excellent comedians. The club personnel extend sweet smiles creating a friendly atmosphere.

I am likewise amazed with the various pictures posted on the walls of the performers who have become part of the comedy shows, that include the pictures of Rat Pack, Dean Martin, Liberace, Debbie Reynolds, Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra and a lot more.

The comedy show features great performers as well as great performances and yet the tickets are well priced as they are affordable. With tickets of low cost, you get to watch funny and enjoyable performances.

The comedians put up a very funny show enough to tickle the crowd as they perform their hilarious tricks.

Except for the little space that somehow makes the area appear crowded, the comedy being provided makes up for the minute lapses.

I am really mesmerized as I and my friends savored the great time we were able to experience through the comedians’ funny antics that really sent the audience to a wild laughter.

Adding to the experience is the considerable service offered by the theater staff who provided great assistance and attention to clients and visitors. The comedy club received high reviews and has been highly recommended for some old-school comedy.

I recommend it as well.

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