30 Indicators to Know That You’re Definitely 50 Yrs Old and Over



1. You don’t even remember when you last got carded.

2. Instead of baby photos, your Facebook friends are all about their kids’ college graduation.

3. …and posts about lowering cholesterol and uric acid…

4. You go to a mall, and the first thing you look for is a bench to sit in.

5. You start a story with “when my kids were babies” and realize that was more than 20 years ago.

6. When you watch teen movies/Tv shows, you need your kids next to you to ‘explain’ stuff.

7. You’ve gone to a bar and left because it had too many people.

8. You go through business cards from old jobs and wonder if some of those people are still alive.

9. A standard subject you talk about with friends is the last medical checkup anyone has gone through.

10. You look at celebrities in your same age bracket who were popular in your twenties, and say “oh my…”

11. You no longer care about your credit score.

12. You think this dog or cat you have now will be your last and probably outlive you.

13. You select a hotel room so you can enjoy the room, not just a place to sleep.

14. You get a head ache just setting up your new smartphone.

15. TUMS and Nexium are standard items in your medicine cabinet.

16. Shakira who?

17. Staying up past 1AM is an all nighter to you.

18. You no longer have hang overs since all you can take is one drink and then fall asleep.

19. You realize your parents were the same age you are now when they started really looking old to you.

20. Running, err… walking hurts your knees.

21. Your kids seem to increasingly talk faster than before.

22. You select shoes based on comfort more than style.

23. Your kids have to explain to you why something is ‘cool’, and still don’t get it.

24. It increasingly seems like everyone is always in a hurry on the road.

25. You have WebMD bookmarked in your browser.

26. You get upset if you don’t get more than 6 hours sleep on the weekends.

27. You panic when you misplace your reading glasses.

28. You simply say “I’m too old for this” on physically challenging games and everyone accepts it as a legtimate excuse.

29. You catch yourself daydreaming about retirement.

30. You start receiving membership offers from the AARP.



  • Clarence Jr

    lahat hindi swak sa mother ko na 51 na, kabaliktaran nya lahat yan :)